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Two and a half year old Zach's mother, Katie, is in the midst of a bone marrow transplant.  That is why I am being introduced as a new friend to help cover the bases in his care and offer relief. 

It is odd on many levels.  Zach's father, Ian, met my son Jeff in second grade.  They spent many hours here playing, especially with Legos.  They loved Legos, and they were both computer whizzes, with all that that entailed.

I am now bringing out toys that Ian and Jeff played with, and I stored for my grandchildren, only now they are for Zach.  I have a set of giant Tinker Toys.  They are really something.  They cost $25.00 when we got them, probably thirty years ago.  Grama Abbey sent a Christmas check each year, with $25.00 for each grandchild, and $50.00 for us.  That was a great deal of money in those days.  When she died, she left an inheritance, that financed all the college expenses for Jeff and Chris.  

I remember how much it mattered to me that I be alive to raise my sons.  I felt I was the only one who could do it "right."  My sense is that there is some of that in every mother.  I found myself with tears in my eyes last night as I realized how much Katie wants that, and yet, she has to share Zach with us all.  It is a gift for us, and a sacrifice for her.

I give thanks today for the many sacrifices that are made in a myriad of ways.

I have a chance to play with a most beautiful creation, a child of love, as we all are, and for me, right now, that face is represented in Zack, a dear little man who loves Thomas the Train.


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