Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

what is going on?

I have a friend who has lived in her home near me for 35 years.   When she moved in 35 years ago, the house was new and she and her neighbor of the time planted a row of trees which, grew, of course, into huge, fruit trees.

A few years ago, someone bought the house next to her, and somehow got through planning with no notification a massive project with a six car garage.  He also did a survey that showed he actually owned part of her land and when she had her own survey done, it seemed that was true.   The person who built her house did not set it properly on the lot.   Still, she has rights because it has been 35 years.   Lawyers are now involved, but while she was gone, the neighbor cut down the trees that separated the two houses and started building up to her house.  He ignored the restraining order that said nothing could be done until the issue was looked into and resolved.  

I saw the results yesterday and it is devastating.   Her lawyer came to look at all this, and then went to dinner at a nearby restaurant to have dinner with his family, and while eating his car was broken into, and of all the files in the car, only my friend's file was stolen.  It seems suspicious.

She has decided she has to move and will rent her house for now, and is looking for a new home.  The negative energy is palatable and ugly.  She is frightened and cannot sleep.  The man who now owns the house next to her has done more to threaten her than I will mention.  

Every weekday I receive a book marketing tip by email from John Kremer.  I peruse it quickly to garner what may pertain to or be useful to me.  

Today he sends this:

I am having to cancel the Ten Million Eyeballs Event in Boulder, Colorado,
as well as the one in Atlanta, Georgia, due to a problem with our landlord
and the next door tenant for the townhouse that my wife and I reside in
right now. Because both the landlord and the tenant are highly irrational
people, I really have to stay here during this time to protect my wife
from harm.

What country are we living in?   The police did come when the man cut down my friend's trees, because her neighbors reported it, but the police, the sheriff actually, as we live in the county,  said it was a civil matter and there was nothing they could do, even though the man had been told he could not do anything until this was resolved.  Now, the trees are gone.

The man who has done this is known for buying small houses, taking them down, putting up monstrosities and selling them, but where was the Marin planning commission during all of this?  It is suspicious that no neighbors were notified before the plans were approved.  My neighbors and I have managed, so far, to keep this kind of thing from happening by using the words "light pollution."  By the time, developers learn they can't have skylights and must plant native, and we go through all the rules they must follow,  they have, so far, fallen away, but, this is done.   The hill is dug out, and metal scaffolding is installed.  Every bit of the lot will have layers of house.  I thought there were standards as to land ratio to house in our area, but they are not being enforced in this case.  Our children played on those open hills.  The deer romp and breed, and yet, the worst part is the loss of neighborliness.  How sad is that?

Remember Welcome Wagons.  Where did they go?


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