Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Rainy day Thoughts!


“The sin of inadvertence, not being alert, not quite awake, is the sin of missing the moment of life—live with unremitting alertness.”  - Joseph Campbell

A memory from around twenty five years ago returns today.  My son and his friend were sitting on the couch reading a book.  They were four or five years old, so the book must have not been too complex, but they came across the word, "club."   "What's a club," one asked.  "It's something you hit baby harp seals over the head with," the other responded.   They sat for a few moments, each digesting that that definition did not quite fit the context of the story.  They finally concluded a club was also a  place to swim.

I think of that now, of what we teach our children, and ourselves, of what we hear, and take in.   How precious is every thought, statement, touch.  Let us live, as Joseph Campbells says, "with unremitting alertness."


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