Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!   I noticed last night that the sun set a little earlier and rose a little later.   I feel fall in the air, even though the sun shines summer bright.  I was born in the fall and I love it.  I am like Mole in Wind in the Willows, as he perks up for spring.  "My time" comes.  It makes sense to me that we would respond with a greater leap of joy to our birth time of year.  

We go down to Jeff and Jan's today and tonight.  They gave me a gift certificate for Mother's Day to Manresa restaurant in Los Gatos, a very special place, so we will dine there tonight.   I am planning to wear the outfit I was going to wear to the rehearsal dinner, but because it was so hectic, I never had a chance to put on.  This is a very special place, and they grow much of what they serve, and plan the menu for what is fresh that day.

I read of children being given adult drugs for obesity and the conditions related to it.  I am convinced that part of the problem is the canned music with which we are bombarded whenever we enter a store.   How is that healthy?  I remember years ago learning that the music in Banana Republic was planned and orchestrated as carefully as the clothes to put us in the mood to buy.

Malls blare music as we walk along.  I think of the people who work in stores listening to this, eight, nine, or ten hours a day.  I can barely stand it when I go in to buy something.  It is unsettling to have the nervous system constantly bombarded.   Scientists have learned that the trees in Muir Woods need quiet.  They can't have people talking all day, so they have quiet zones in Muir Woods, no talking, no cell phones.  Do we think we are different than the trees?

Overeating is said to be a way to stuff down our feelings.  It is hard to know what we feel when we are all fed the same bombardment of sound.   Sound matters, creates, vibrates, resonates.   We need to have zones of silence, so we can hear natural sounds and our skin can unfold in the ease of that.   I know how my body responds when I sit in silence, vs. when I am attacked by canned music that repeats over and over again.  Nature does not repeat.  It is always new.   We need a chance to listen to and in silence, to hear how much is there, to allow our body/mind to renew.

May your day give you that!!

Mine, too!


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