Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

more on the subject -

Here is the other link my son sent me on the subject of reading online, and whether, as The Atlantic headlined, Google is making us stupid.

It is the beginning of the conversation that the last post refers to.

The question, the pondering is on whether we are losing our ability to focus, and possibly our ability to more deeply process and imagine when we do our reading online.

Would you be better served right now by being immersed in War and Peace rather than reading this, or any other, blog? I think it is for each of us to balance both. This world is new, and the interactions, meetings, and communications that the internet allows are phenomenal, and we need sometimes to settle into a book with ourselves, with no other input but the majesty and integrity of our own mind, and that assumes that minds are separate, which, at times, I believe they must be to operate fully.

Check it out:


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