Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Yesterday was my day with Zach - Zach Time.  I got in trouble because I didn't get him back in time.  Zach and I aren't in to time, and he is always so good and we have so much to explore.  How can we stop and next time we will be more accountable as to time.

We started with the cherry tomatoes, picking them and discussing ripeness and vines and tree trunks, and then we played with two Thomas train engines.  Zach stops sometimes to hug Lady.  He wraps her in his arms and hugs her to his chest.

We took the train engines on an adventure all over the yard.  We saw how a flower stem is a tree for a tiny train.

We splashed in the water and played with all his water toys.

Then, we were hungry so we went to "The Village" for a hot dog.  That is what Zach likes to eat when we are together.  It takes a long time to eat lunch as the hot dog is cut into bites, the all natural, nitrate free, and on and on hot dog because this is Marin.  The guy tried to talk me into something else that had taste he said, but we went for health, and also, got the unsweetened apple juice.   Zach eats the dog and then eats the bun.  All the time, he is looking around and I am looking at him.  I am enchanted.

We walked by fountains and stopped at each one, until we got to the play area.  Wow!   Zach did well, climbed up on a dragonfly, crawled through a log, lounged in a boat, hopped on to a pelican, and rode on a frog.  He was trying to climb up on the back of a turtle when an older  little girl, someone around four,  helpfully pointed out that she had learned to crawl up on the turtle by starting at the head.  I could see where that would be an easier place to start but the head was in the sun and hot so there you have it.  The turtle waits.

On the way home in the car, Zach asked me what makes me sad.   It seems his adult family members had met with a psychologist to learn how to separate out what is normal for a two year old and what might be coming up for someone whose mother is going through a bone marrow transplant.  He is learning to differentiate happiness, fear, sorrow, anger.    Before he asked, he had said, "I am happy," and I said, "I am happy too."

I didn't know how to answer what makes me sad.  I stumbled and then said, "I'm sad when my friends are sad," and maybe that is what it is.  I'm sad that people are starving, that children aren't given every opportunity, that a marine recruiter in Houston would lie to an 18 year old boy and tell him he will go to jail if he chooses college over Iraq.   That makes me sad, and angry, too.

Notice your emotions today, your feelings.

Be like Zach!

He is a treasure of a guy, a gift to the world.


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