Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

It has been a productive morning.  Jane and I have shifted gears into reaching out to promote Breast Stroke.   Also, Connection Well was on fire this morning with excellent poems.  I feel well-bathed and rocked. 

I wish I could share my experience at SFMOMA yesterday.  I saw the work of Frida Kahlo and the art of Lee Miller and was perhaps most enchanted with the contemporary Chinese art exhibit.  The images are with me, haunting.   They were so visceral, active, and three-dimensional that the book that was offered couldn't capture the experience.  I don't know how to share what it is to see a sculpture of Mao lying down, surrounded with small, plastic dinosaurs arranged in lines, colors, and curves.   One was of a woman with her hair like silk all pulled forward to the "hands" of a frog.  It was her inner nervous system, her psyche, exposed in some way and brought up the fairy tales and Rapunzel and all the connotations of hair.  I am struck by the images and cleansed somehow so that this is already so far a productive work day.  Sometimes one has to leave their work to find the entry back in.   I was feeling frazzled.   The water system in our neighborhood is being replaced and the sound of jackhammers does not do a great deal to my mood, at least yesterday, but today, I am imaging the sound as water pounding over long black slabs of rock. 

The exhibit is Thursday, July 10, 2008 - Sunday, October 05, 2008 at MOMA in SF.  Visit if you can.  

Wouldn't you love to have the last name Songsong?   I can see where a name like that would influence your life.  Today, the word butterfly seems to send me to delight.

From the blurb:

This selection of contemporary Chinese art from the Logan Collection reveals a spectrum of individual responses to the utopian dreams that have been driving Chinese society since 1949. Approximately 50 paintings, sculptures, and installations spanning 1988 to 2008 convey a sense of the shadows, masks, and monsters that have haunted the China's collective psyche during its process of modernization. The exhibition offers insight into the post-Tiananmen Square art and cultural scene, and features a diverse range of artists, including Ai Weiwei, Fang Lijun, Li Songsong, Liu Hung, Liu Xiaodong, Yu Youhan, Zhang Huan, and Zhang Xiaogang.


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