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Six word memoir -

The following is from Ode Magazine. Check it out at:


See if you can top Hemingway's story in six words.

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

My six word memoir

I recently bumped into a “story” of a story, that became a book...
“Not Quite What I Was Planning ~ six word memoirs by writers famous and obscure" by Larry Smith and Rachel Ferschleiser, was inspired by the legend/story of how someone challenged Hemingway to write a story in six words or less, his response:
“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” If YOU had to write the story of your life as it was, is and as you hope it to be, in six words or less what would you say? What words, impulses, visions, themes, experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, dreams, desires, losses, hurts, perceptions, fears, and associations would you express within those few words or sentence? What unspoken words would be shared? What would be denied or implied in the gaps between those words and thoughts?
This story inspired me to “coin” my own six word "memoir", which I have included below; I invite you to share your own on this blog…
Note: for those of you who like to play the “perfectionist” game; you’ll have noticed there are seven words ~ I gave myself permission to add a word; the rebel inside me does not like to feel he "has" to play any game in life with preset rules or conditions…

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