Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

SF is not Disneyland -

There is an article in the SF Chronicle today that tour buses are coming to the Castro area of the city, and tourists are taking pictures and wandering around as though they are at the zoo, instead of in a neighborhood where people live.

Yesterday, I was at Crissy Field where a stream of Mr. Toad Tours, where tourists ride in a car that looks like it is from Wind in the Willows, and open-air firetrucks went by with voices of the guides blaring out through the serenity.  One was singing a stupid song about "California and the approach of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Do people really need to be told that a huge orange-red span in SF is the Golden Gate Bridge?

Luckily, the national park service was doing a survey so I was able to explain that I think most people come to Crissy Field for serenity, nature, and meditation, and not to listen to idiotic canned blurbs on the city.

I appreciate that the tourists aren't driving around, and that they utilize the tours and rent the bicycles,  though I feel sorry for the panting Europeans who learn very quickly that SF is not Amsterdam.

I have been a tourist and ridden on the top of buses in England, and I see how when one is "on holiday" it is different, and exciting, and stimulating, and it is important to remember that for a good many of the people one sees, the area is home. 


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