Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Poem by Alberto Rios


This is just about light, how suddenly
One comes upon it sometimes and is surprised.

In light, something is lifted.
That is the property of light,

And in it one weighs less.
A broad and wide leap of light

Encountered suddenly, for a moment -
You are not where you were

But you have not moved. It's the moment
That startles you up out of dream,

But the other way around: It's the moment, instead,
That startles you into dream, makes you

Close your eyes - that kind of light, the moment
For which, in our language, we have only

The word surprise, maybe a few others,
But not enough. The moment is regular

As with all the things regular
At the closing of the twentieth century:

A knowledge that electricity exists
Somewhere inside the walls;

That tonight the moon in some fashion will come out;
That cold water is good to drink.

The way taste slows a thing
On its way into the body.

Light, widened and slowed, so much of it: It
Cannot be swallowed in the mouth of the eye,

Into the throat of the pupil, there is
So much of it.  But we let it in anyway,

Something in us knowing
The appropriate mechanism, the moment's lever.

Light, the slow movement of everything fast.
Like hills, those slowest waves, light,

That slowest fire, all
Confusion, confusion here

One more part of clarity: In this light
You are not where you were but you have not moved.

    Alberto Rios


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