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I've tried to embed two things, younger than McCain, which is a hilarious look at all the things that are younger than McCain.  Even the Wizard of Oz is younger, and the other clip is of Bill Maher on Larry King last night.  Both are worth searching for, especially Bill Maher.  He says some things that need to be said and says them well.

I was to be with Zach today,  but his grandmother was hospitalized overnight with chest pains and is now cleared that it wasn't a heart attack, but certainly the stress of trying to orchestrate so much is too much for her, so Zach will go to preschool five days a week, and then be available later in the day.

I don't know how they're doing all they've been doing.  It is just too much, and it needs to be done, and I'm grateful "granmamma"  is all right and all can now proceed as best as possible as we continue to pray for some ease in the journey of Zach and his family.

Life is rough sometimes as we know, and it is why I wonder how politicians and manipulators live with such greed.  I spoke with my son this morning.   His professional life has involved solar power.  He believes in it.  It works. Other countries support it.  He has worked in Europe installing solar panels.  He worked for one company from almost the beginning and when it went public, he went to another start-up, preferring the hands-on world to the corporate one.

Now, they are swamped trying to get work installed before the tax credit expires.  The worry is that if McCain is elected, he will not renew it.  He supports oil, lets oil manipulate us again as it did in 1974.  With Obama, the tax credits will most likely be extended, so the election in November is critical for many reasons, but one of them is that if the Republicans win, these little solar power companies that have been working so hard may not be able to make it.  People cannot afford solar installations without the tax credit, and with it, they can, and do.

This is common sense.  How can we not support alternative sources of energy?   Oh, right, because the oil companies are controlling our world.

Vote for the Democrats!!   There are a multitude of reasons, and even if Barack is moving more central than many of us prefer in order to get elected, he is still vastly better than the alternative.   McCain knows two words, "Drill," and "War." 

We have Russia lecturing us on peace, and Europe showing us how to be energy dependent, and we are living in the Dark Ages, which, literally will be dark, if we don't figure out what is going on.

Support Barack Obama!!

I feel like Princess Leia in Star Wars, pleading, needing to believe he is our "only hope."   He may not be a savior, but he will be better than McCain.


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