Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Hillary -

I watched the convention tonight on KQED, and it was a most satisfactory experience.    I appreciated the story of Lily Ledbetter and her struggle to get equal pay for equal work, and the amazing denial of that by this Supreme Court.   Mark Warner spoke and said, "In just four months, we'll have an administration that believes in science."  Now that is something to applaud.   He also said that in business having the only strategy be the tearing down of the competition doesn't work.  Why then would we allow McCain to have it be his only strategy, or policy at this point.  "We're all in this together."  It's about the future vs. the past.  

I enjoyed the film celebrating Hillary, and thought Chelsea looked beautiful as she gave her introduction of her mother.   I thought Hillary gave a great speech and did find tears for what might have been.  "No way!  No how!   No McCain!"   "We don't need four more years of the last eight years."    She said, it is appropriate that Bush and McCain will be together next week in the Twin Cities, because "these days they are awfully hard to tell apart."   She spoke of Harriet Tubman, and her mantra, "Keep going!  If you want a taste of freedom, keep going."   And she said now we need to get going.

The comments afterwards were supportive, though some thought she should have said more in support of Barack, and she should have refuted some of her former statements, so McCain couldn't use them in ads.

I thought she did a sincere job and looked beautiful, and as one man commented, "Eleanor Roosevelt would have been proud."

I find it all quite stimulating and hope the people who are being addressed are listening so we can all unite for the good of each one of us, the country, and the world.   She ended with "Godspeed."  Interesting, I thought.


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