Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

I'm pleased -

I'm pleased with McCain's choice for vice-president, a woman, 44, with very little experience, a bachelor of arts degree in journalism, five children, who she is obviously not in the home raising, plus she is for oil drilling in Alaska, and is against listing the polar bear as endangered.  She supports the teaching of creationism along with evolution in the schools.

If she is supposed to be the answer to Hillary Clinton, I don't think so.  What part of forward thinking, intelligence, and health care does McCain not get.  

The people he is trying to appeal to probably won't vote for a woman, and the women I know who supported Hillary until the very end will not be impressed with Sarah Palin's lack of support for the environment or gay marriage.  

Is this who we want for our next president?  

According to Wikipedia, she has "called unreliable the climate-change models cited by Kempthorne and environmentalists that predict melting of Arctic ice."

One wonders what planet she lives on.    I think this choice of McCain's points out his senility more than anything else he's done of late.  All women are not the same.  This woman is not Hillary Clinton and no way that I can see will she attract the women who supported Hillary, at least not the women I know.


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