Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

an insult to the country -

When Bush wanted to nominate Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, I thought it was one of the dumber choices I had ever heard, but was not surprised knowing where it came from, but this choice of McCain's of Palin for vice-president may have trumped Bush on the dumbness and out of touch scale.

At least, Miers had a degree in law.

This choice seems guaranteed to alienate almost everyone, as she does come with some inconsistencies.  Oh, right, she is a "maverick" like McCain, just what we want in our president, after the "bring em on" mentality we've had for eight years.  

What feels most insulting to me is that this is a response to some women supposedly being dissatisfied that they did not get Hillary Clinton for president.  Does he really think this woman equals Hillary in any way?  I am grateful he chose her, and insulted too.   How dumb does he think we are, or how corrupt is the election process at this point?

Imagine this woman as president which could very well happen with the age and health of McCain.  I had wondered if the GOP might just concede this time around.  Maybe this is their way of doing just that.  That way, when they lose, they can blame the woman on the ticket.  How perfect is that.

It does amaze!

This ought to get the juices of Hillary going even more in support of Barack.   Oh, my!!


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