Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Big breath!!

It is a beautiful morning, cool and clear, and fall is stirring the air.   It is a day to pop more blueberry muffins into the oven. 

I read the news and will not share any of it, since if you read it, you may be bubbling, too, or perhaps you were wise enough to give yourself a break.

I love the feel of a three day weekend.  People were out puttering yesterday and it is so refreshing to wake on Sunday, and know that Monday, also, is a day of play, though called Labor Day.

Oh, just one little snap. 

In Finland, both mothers and fathers are encouraged to take maternity leave because it is felt and proven that bonding with children is important.  Their children now test the highest in the world.  Sarah Palin went back to work three days after having a child with Down's Syndrome.  It never occurred to her, I suppose, to consider that four children was enough, and to look at the risks of having a child after forty.  Is this who we want leading the country, someone who plans so well, and then arrogantly heads off to ignore the salmon and the polar bears in the increased need for oil, because some people think it is their god-given right to have five children if that is what they want?

I read The Population Bomb in 1967.   I guess she missed it since she was, at the time, three.   I actually am happy to hand the reins over to those in their forties, if they have lived, learned, read, and responded intelligently to what is actually going on, rather than ignoring all the science that shows evolution and global warming are actually, amazingly, and, in the case of global warming,  frighteningly real.


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