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Health Note -

In going through old emails, I find one that I might have paid attention to, and now, I will.

I realize no one knows what causes breast cancer, and I am not saying this might have prevented anything for me, but I am certainly more aware of my health and what I might do now to give myself more care. I offer this to you. The second paragraph on hormones is what most struck me, as I now understand that estrogen which I thought was "good," can, if not properly utilized, become a bit delinquent and strew some problems in its path. You could also eat more broccoli! Happy chewing cruciferous vegetables, and also, possibly the addition of Indolplex to your diet.

Janis Feichtmeir said this in her May 2003 newsletter:

"It’s “Liver Time”!!! Since it is the Liver’s role to keep everything flowing, now is the time to take advantage of the upsurging of that energy and make it work for us. Since the movement coming from Liver also propels the bowels, it may be time to consider a gentle detox program to ensure the elimination of old waste and toxins. This can be a physical or metaphorical cleanse- letting go of the old and welcoming change into our lives. The Liver’s movement is also aided by physical movement, especially aerobic exercise that inflates and deepens our breathing; expanding our ribcage and diaphragm so that we can let go of the holding in the chest. This will improve sleep as well as increase oxygenation and support detoxification."

She continues:

"I wanted to say a little about hormones and their relationship to Liver. The Liver is responsible for metabolizing estrogen as well as our other hormones. This is not necessarily a straightforward process. If the Liver is stressed out, the hormones can be broken down (metabolized) into harmful substances versus more beneficial ones. I am now suggesting to many of you that you take the supplement Indolplex to facilitate the appropriate metabolism of estrogen. (Soy does a similar thing but you would have to eat a ton of soy to get similar effects. Also, its really important be sure you’re eating organic soy products, since soy crops are sprayed with very high levels of pesticides). Even once we’ve stopped our periods, we are still producing low levels of estrogen and we want it to be metabolized into the best kind of estrone. Indolplex is an incredible product; a concentration of the active ingredient in the cruciferous vegetables, it ensures that estrogen ends up not only as the benign and helpful 2-hydroxy estrone, but also breaks down the harmful 4-hydroxy and 6-hydroxy estrones into the beneficial 2-hydroxy estrone. All this good work with taking one pill a day. I have noted no side effects with anyone who has been using Indolplex. I think this is an,easy, important addition to every woman’s regime. If we were to sit down and examine assorted symptoms, a great majority of us have symptoms related to the inappropriate metabolism of estrogen, including symptoms of PMS, fibrocystic breasts, fibroids, irregular periods, painful periods, symptoms related to menopause, or even life threatening conditions such as breast cancer or other estrogen stimulated cancers. Men also are impacted by estrogen and there is new research relating the stimulation of estrogen receptor sites in the prostate to certain prostate cancers. Therefore, even men can use Indolplex to ensure a benign stimulation of these prostate receptor sites."

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