Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My fast is over -

I built myself up to listen and watch part of Palin's speech.  What I don't understand is why she can attack so brutally and she can't be touched.   It seems it would be sexist to suggest that a woman should not go back to work three days after having a baby, since a man can do so.  Well, I personally think it would be lovely to have both parents at home, but it is my understanding that the baby lives in the mother, and so there is an attachment that deserves some honoring when the baby pops out.

I believe in equal pay and equal rights for women, and that women are certainly as qualified as men, but to say that we are physically the same
is to deny the obvious.   A woman who carries a baby inside of her is hormonally affected, hormonally changed.

I don't understand why it is hands off Palin when she is like the attack dog from hell.  It wasn't hands off Hillary.

I also heard that the Republicans printed out signs in Spanish and made them look like they were hand-done.  They wanted to hand them out to Latino looking people in the audience but couldn't find them.  They did find a few "plants" for the press to interview and the planting was obvious, but now Latinos seem to think Palin is their answer.  Don't they realize this woman is not going to work to get them maternity leave when they have their babies?  Why do people vote against their own best interests?  

It is sobering and it seems the recommended remedy is to breathe, stay calm and enjoy the movement of breath, in and out.

Be generous with your inner sea, and enrich it with oxygen, hope, rest, and peace.


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