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My brother copied me on an email he sent to a conservative friend of his.  I am placing it here, as I think he says it well.  I think many of us now understand that the "other side" watches Fox and thinks it is news.  I know I have underestimated the power that is exhibited there.  I don't think I've ever actually seen it, just heard about it.  I was unaware how slanted and hate-based it is, and it seems people are not seeing through it.   I think it is called Fox for a reason.   The fox is in the hen house eating all the chickens and eggs and no one seems to know or care.  

My brother's words:


Bob…Please read this and give me your honest feedback.  I really want to know what I’m missing.  I understand what dumb guys see in Fox but I - for the life of me - cannot understand how smart guys like you buy in.  Please tell me what I’m missing.


I did give it my best shot last night.  I sincerely tried to watch and give Fox and O’Reilly the benefit of the doubt but I didn’t last 20 minutes.  It was easier to watch the Yankees lose again than watch that self-righteous, blowhard-bully, Bill O’Reilly.


But that wasn’t the worst of it or why I ultimately switched in absolute disbelief.  Were you watching?  He and Gingrich weren’t just insinuating but were openly and continually proclaiming that the media (all media besides Fox, of course) and in particular, NBC, are leftist organizations bound and determined to elect Obama as the next president of the United States.  They said that, word for word, countless times in the 20 minutes I watched.   


First of all, what an utterly ridiculous statement and how can you even take people seriously who make such idiotic remarks?  More importantly, what would possibly motivate any of the major networks and - NBC in particular - to want to sway the election toward a democrat, much less Obama?  Obama is openly campaigning upon ending the war in Iraq as quickly as possible and avoiding other such wars through the use of diplomacy.  NBC is owned by GE whose highly profitable military equipment division has huge financial interests in perpetuating military buildup and escalations.


Obama has openly campaigned on the promise to raise taxes on the 5% of richest Americans as well as corporate taxes.  The networks are businesses, trying to survive in incredibly competitive fields, and to assume that Obama would benefit them in any way is completely nonsensical.  They will clearly benefit far more from another Bush/McCain administration.


But here’s really the crux of this whole Rupert Murdoch, Fox News thing, and as I was watching last night I realized, he may not even be a conservative; it’s not a necessary component to his formula.  He may just be an even smarter and more Machiavellian-influenced businessman than I already thought he was.


If you’re a Fox loyalist and have bought into their whole, right vs. left deal, it comes down to this:  Democrats are awful, evil people (mostly lazy and black) who will tax you into the poor house, get your kids hooked on drugs, rape your wives, steal your children, etc., etc.  In short, Democrats are Evil! 


Additionally, all news organizations other than Fox are strident, left-wing, democratic propaganda machines who will do anything possible to keep democrats in power.  Translation: All media besides Fox are EVIL and support Evil Democrats!


Finally, Fox does not support democrats or evil.  Translation:  Fox is the only news network you can trust, Period!


Murdoch has brilliantly eliminated ALL of his competition.


If you believe what they’re preaching 24 hours a day, day in and day out, then you’re not allowed to ever mix your media and as such, you have only one choice - Fox.  Brilliant!


Furthermore, it’s easy to imagine that when he dreamed up this simple concept several years back, he probably went to the conservatives and said, “Look, I’ve got a plan here that can really help keep you guys in power, virtually forever, and will simultaneously make me rich beyond belief.  I’ll keep spreading your word that all media besides mine is leftist and then you support me by having all republicans watch my network.  And don’t worry, I’ll make it totally right-wing oriented and also, very entertaining and easy to watch so that all the poor, not-so-bright, republicans will enjoy watching as well.”


I’m serious, Bob.  Tell me how any of what I’m saying is inaccurate.  Tell me that Murdoch (an Australian born citizen who only became a naturalized U.S. citizen in order to buy American newspapers) is not hijacking our democracy for the sake of his own profit.  I would love to know that I’m wrong on this.




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