Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Bill Maher -

I watched Bill Maher tonight and he is convinced that the Down's Syndrome baby is Bristol's baby, not Sarah's.

It seems Bristol missed five months of school last year supposedly due to mononucleosis, right about the time the baby came.

Interesting in light of it would be a little strange to get pregnant while you were run down from mononucleosis.  She certainly does not look run-down.  She is one healthy looking girl.  It would explain why Sarah didn't really show and was in meetings and on planes up until the birth of the baby and then working three days later, and why she is so hyper-vigilant now.  Where is the gentle bloom that comes with childbirth, the desire to just sit and look into the eyes of your child and watch the fingers and toes curl and uncurl?   This woman is a barracuda and proud of it, reads the words of the speech that say the only difference between her and a pit bull is the lipstick.

All this should not be in the news, and yet it is because this is not a family we want leading the land.   Sometimes character counts and no matter how you slice this debacle, the circumstances are too strange and have nothing to do with governing a land in need.

We need some one focused on true family values, and this family is not it.   As Bill Maher pointed out, Chelsea did not get pregnant as a teen-ager and you can bet the Barack girls won't either.  Leadership, anyone?   Community organizing.   The Palin family is big enough to be a community and some organizing would be a really good thing.  

What the supposed future son-in-law posted about himself is not anything that should be connected to the White House.  If a black man had posted it, he would be lynched, and the kid is clear he doesn't want kids, so here we are with a shotgun marriage, and tragic circumstances for all, including us, who don't want to know anything about it and yet there it is.


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