Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


This comes from my brother today.  He lives in Connecticut.

Hi Cath,


I went to the Obama rally thrown by Christopher Dodd today and it was AMAZING!!!!!!


As I pulled into town I was thinking, “man, this is a busy town, there’re cars everywhere”.  Then as my gps told me I was almost there I suddenly saw a sight that looked like a modern Woodstock!  I saw what I thought was the largest High School I’d ever seen (turned out it was only the largest Middle School I’d definitely ever seen.  Connecticut taxes at work. :-) and as I looked out at all the various baseball and football fields I saw a literal sea of cars filling lots in every direction.  There were huge buses pulling in and hundreds of volunteers directing traffic so it was incredibly organized and orderly and everyone was beautifully courteous and happy and it was unbelievable.


By the time I got parked I had about a mile walk to the school and there were still people just pouring in and people selling Obama shirts and stuff and booths everywhere.  When I got into this incredible huge and beautiful school, there were so many people and the enormous auditorium was so full that they’d had to close the doors but they had planned big overflow areas with plenty of room to stand and listen on special speakers so you could hear everything.  There was a barbeque and free food and everyone was so happy and hugging and smiling and the energy was absolutely incredible!


I’m telling you, Cath…you’ve got to find one of these and get there quick.  They are the elixir for all that has been wearing on us.  It will boost you with positive energy and optimism to be around so many good people.  All ages, all colors (well, this is Connecticut but there were more blacks than I’d ever seen in one place in CT) and I had a lump in my throat the entire time.


It was too crowded to get to any of the booths to see about volunteering but the Obama 08 campaign happened to call our house before I got home and Jan told them I was at the rally so they were excited about that and said they would call back and I’ll talk to them about volunteering.


In any case, no matter what else happens, get yourself to one of these rallies and get around these good American people.  It will boost your spirits like you cannot believe.


YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love, G




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