Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Oh, My!!

I'm at my computer, looking at incredible pictures of space when I look up and am engulfed in a blush of rosy pink.

Last night, there was a shift in the breeze and we knew the fog was coming in.  Our neighbor had planned an outdoor barbecue, so we all bundled up so we could eat outside in candlelight.  This morning the deck was wet but the sky was clear, and now, the fog is pouring over the hills and is this huge pink pleasure as it is lit by the sun.  

My whole being is alight with pink.

It is impossible not to believe in love, beauty, and truth when the morning offers such a gift.

I am reading a book on open focus.  The idea is to notice the space within and without, so right now notice the space between your eyes and the computer screen.  Revel there.  

That is what the fog does for me.  It says,  "I'm here, a tongue.  Taste!   Feast!


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