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Common sense and kindness!!

This is from a dear friend Lloyd Parker.



I listened with interest to CNN's fact check of the great story Sarah Palin told in her acceptance speech about selling the plane purchased by her predecessor, Frank Murkowski, a former Governor of Alaska, for use by himself and future Governors. Mrs. Palin said she thought the plane was "over the top" and claimed she had sold the plane on eBay. As it turns out, she didn't actually sell the plane on eBay; she couldn't find a buyer who would pay her asking price. The state did eventually sell the plane, but not on eBay, and not at a profit, as she apparently told John McCain; they lost a bit of money on the sale.

When I first heard CNN's fact check on Sarah's story, I thought, "Well, that's no big deal. She only "stretched" the "truth" a bit, in several places, to make a better story. After all, maybe she was just a little 'over-enthusiastic',  got 'carried away', when she was telling the story to the Republican Convention and millions of Americans, and just wanted to tell a more interesting and entertaining story to her first really big audience." Then, when I heard she and John McCain were repeating the story at campaign stops the next day, I started thinking a little more deeply about the matter.

After all, the famous Yellow-Cake Uranium story was probably not George W, Bush's first (or only) lie, before he got a little "over-enthusiastic" about involving the country in a stupid, totally unnecessary war, which had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks of 9/11. It took some practice at truth stretching, before he became a good enough liar to bamboozle most of the country. I realized I didn't want a good young Christian, like Sarah, to start down the same path, especially since the plane story (and several other embellished stories) indicate she seems to have a tendency for "embossing" reality a trifle. For her own good, I determined, we need to insist on strict early education in telling the whole truth. This appears to be, given the Bush legacy, an especially valid and necessary lesson for young Republican politicians, particularly those who may be hanging out with not only George W. Bush, but also Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and other "good" and very "experienced" Republicans, known for their fervent desire to "tell a good story". Perhaps she'll thank us when she gets a little older.

"Seriously" though, Governor Palin, like many "true believers" from many different faiths, seems to believe she has been providentially blessed with the "sole'" and only "true" belief, and that it affords her comprehensive knowledge of the "best" interpretation of God's will for many, if not all, "sacred/moral", and even some more secular, political, and economic matters. How fortunate. Apparently, those so gifted have no need for further study or experience to handle complex issues. They also, it would appear, have been granted permission to not only instruct us as to the wishes of the creator on complex issues, but to embellish the instruction a bit, when plain "straight talk" does not suffice.

By the by, to be fair, Palin's firing of the state trooper, according to CNN fact checkers, does seem to be a valid action; the trooper in question, a former brother-in-law of the Governor, seems like a real bad egg. Though I am curious why it was also necessary to fire the person responsible for conducting the investigation of the trooper. Was he: just too slow for the Governor's need for righteous rapid response, perhaps a more thorough investigator, who hadn't finished investigating, or maybe a determined "evil doer" who was master-minding a cover-up? Given her record for truth skirting, it does leave room for some doubt.

For example, it is curious that the Governor, who cut Alaska's funding for Special Needs Children, told other parents of such children, in her famed and much lauded convention speech that, if she was elected, they would have a "friend" in the White House. One ponders if they need such a friend? I wonder if her cuts for Teen Pregnancy Assistance in Alaska might also be under review, given recent developments. Sometimes folks learn best when lessons are close to home. Let's hope this is the case.

Special Needs Kids and Pregnant Teens are both in need of more compassionate funding. Just as the Governor, as demonstrated by her battle to exclude polar bears from the endangered species list, though most scientists who study the matter disagree, appears to be in need of a compassion transfusion.

One final note, CNN fact checking also discovered, the Governor, though she first supported "the bridge to nowhere in Alaska", did refuse to spend the pork barrel money on the bridge the Republican Senator from Alaska had finagled for the project. Her opposition to the project, coincidentally, we must assume, only started when the undertaking started receiving massive negative national publicity. She did not deem it necessary, however, to return the tainted money to the federal government for very real needs in the rest of the country. She spent it instead on other, hopefully better, projects in Alaska. Funny how she somehow "forgot" to mention that small aspect of the story in her talk at the Republican Convention.

Let us hope the good Governor learns a lot during the rest of her full term as Governor of Alaska, while Barack Obama works as our next President solving the huge problems facing a nation despoiled by eight sad years of Republican malfeasance, including a very expensive unnecessary war, funded, almost entirely, by borrowed money from the Chinese, because Republicans did not want to raise the taxes of the abundantly rich.

Peace and Blessings,

The Reasonably Right Reverend, Henry Lloyd Parker, Little Davey Peartree Church of the Inner Vision


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