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Eric Dondero Rittberg and I have been having a back and forth on the subject of the Libertarian party and who they support in this election.  I see that the Libertarian party is divided at this point, so some support McCain, some Obama, and, then, there is Ron Paul.  I like this motto from his website, "Don't steal.  The government hates competition."   Pretty funny.

I actually think government programs can work.  My father died in an accident when I was nineteen, and social security provided money to my mother, and I would receive money if I was in school until I was 23.   When my mother turned sixty-five, social security very generously sent her a check each month.  Of course, we probably all put way more in the pot than she got out, but it is a pool, a pool I support and I think social security works and is worth supporting.  

Bush wanted to privatize social security.   I think what is happening with Fannie Mae stocks makes us all grateful that did not happen.  There is no security in the stock market.   We all learned that in high school.  

I think we are at a place in history where medical care is so exorbitantly expensive, that we have to combine resources to ensure that everyone in this country has access to medical care.  It is the humane thing to do.

What I find curious about someone being a Libertarian who could support McPain is this.  They are for defense, defense internally and externally.   This is the motto of the website of Eric.

Libertarian Republican

Fiscally Conservative, Socially Tolerant, and Strong on Defense. From Barry Goldwater, to PJ O'Rourke, To Dennis Miller, Boortz & The Nuge. Libertarians who believe Liberty should be defended against attackers at home and abroad. Eric Dondero - Publisher/Editor

It might be hard to argue with that, except for this.  Defense means having a well-educated, healthy populace with jobs, jobs that produce something.   We have lost that in the last eight years.  We are in debt.  A country in debt is not strong.   When the Russia-Georgia problem came up, we had nothing with which to defend ourselves.  Everyone in the world knows our troops are depleted and we are in debt and at the mercy of the Chinese.   How have these last eight years helped us to be strong or to defend ourselves?  I do not understand the disconnect that says someone who cares about defense could vote for McPain who will continue what has gone on for the last eight years.

McPain decided to use the word change because it worked for Obama.  Now Obama  has to find a new word and the McPain people haven't a clue what change means.  McCain voted with Bush 90 to 95% of the time.  I see both statistics.   Palin is not experienced, and is now being examined and is found to be flawed and not the effective leader, accomplisher and reformer she proclaims.  

Freedom is in a strong people.  We have been weakened under the Bush administration.  I know people who have seen secure stocks become worthless.    People who have worked hard all their lives are finding it is time to retire and their supposedly safe and secure investments are worth nothing.  There is not one thing I see right now that one can invest in that is secure and that is from my financial advisor.   How is that defense?

One can have their guns and I am not against the right to bear arms, but when the water is polluted and the bears are extinct, there won't be much to defend or eat, and liberty will not fill the stomach or fill the brains of our children with complex thought when our nation is reduced to sound bites and people who cannot read or think.


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