Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

One thing leads to another!

Check out this website, Americans Against Sarah Palin for VP and add a new word to your vocabulary.



The history of the site was posted on August 30.

There are many on the political Right that today believe that the author of impalin.com is politically liberal. However, by mid-November 2008, everyone will realize that McCain’s decision to have Sarah Palin be his running mate was the political equivalent of “impalin” himself on his own double-edged sword. The author is a right-leaning moderate who in August 2008 was happy that McCain chose a political conservative but upset that he betrayed Americans’ trust in his judgment to pick a qualified candidate.

Post-November, impalin.com will dedicate itself to exposing any politician on either side of the aisle that is guilty of “impalin.” Politicians are suppose to make decisions that are for the good of their constituency and when they take acts that are only for their own political gain, they are impalin and deserve to get exposed.

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