Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

An excellent article and explanation -

I have had discussions with other women as we wonder why we are so vehemently angry about Sarah Palin, wondering why our gentle natures are brought to the lion's ferocious stance. Kali is on the rampage, in response to Sarah Palin. As I read this, I wonder if we feel guilty we didn't support Hillary more, didn't appreciate how hard she had to fight, the insults she took. We see her softness now and how hard she fought, truly defining the definition of courage, which doesn't mean that you don't feel fear, but that you keep going anyway.

Now, look at what we have compared to what we might have. Sarah shows no emotion. She'd wipe out the planet and not shed a tear.

Again, do we feel guilty for not giving Hillary more support? Did we think we would have another chance? I think this article does an excellent job of understanding what is going on and explaining how Sarah snuck in, and now is going to be stomped out.

She thinks its sport to shoot wolves from planes. Well, she has aroused our blood-lust and hasn't seen anything yet. Those on the side of the wolves are ready to fight.



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