Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning Thoughts -

Jane mentions that she is teamed up to do the Riddle Rally in Chinatown this next weekend.  I am reminded of the past.


 There was a time
when a friend and I created,
“The Soon to be World Famous, Dad’s Day Really Rad Rhyming Road Rally!”
You never heard of it?
Well, I did say, soon to be,
and there are many Dad’s days left..
The last time it was presented,
someone pointed out that driving cars unnecessarily
was not necessarily environmentally aware,
and so, then, we considered, a Dad’s Day,
Really Rad Rhyming Walking Rally,
but that, seemed a little harder to cohere,
so we have missed a few years,
of celebrating dads with a destination,
figured out with the help of their kids.
Those kids, grown now,  loved tossing
whipped creams pies
into the faces of their dads.
We’d give each child a can of whipped cream,
and they’d spray those dads,
until they were creamily clad.
The dads loved it, except for one, who was not sure
about the stickiness of cream and pie,
and learned to bring a change
of clothes. 
I still have the folder, Rally Ho!
and I’m wondering if this year needs a revival
of good old-fashioned soul-revving and reviving hums,
and cream-covered faces, tummies, and bums. 



Memory Re-Earned

I am feeling a need to go through my past,
like a treasure chest filled with gold and pearls,
knowing what is there,
fingered again,
with the maturity of age,
an age richly colored,
with legs,
like the best
full servings,
of delicacy and strength -
red wine -
ironed blood -
the love
of work
and play -
all one now, gather in me,
the fullness of night and day.  



I am learning to witness my life, witness now, as it unfolds, and change is felt moment by moment in my bones.  I want to bring back that little girl, the one of three or four, who was so clear in who she was and what she knew.  I was mature and a child, at one with love, work and play.  There was no differentiation.  I think school is what brings in differentiation with work-time, recess time, time divided into compartments of judgment, as we are judged on height,  and on the playground as to what we can do.  I started school at four, and then, turned five in October.  Children, today, are in structured environments much earlier.  What does that do, I wonder.  This morning I was thinking of the book, The Greatest Generation, by Tom Brokaw.  I think he captured the people of that time very well, and watching The Rolling Stones, I thought of my generation, and now, there are newer ones following along.  We know our peer group affects us, and yet, for each one of us isn’t there that sturdy stance of the child who stands on his or her own legs, and sees and sees from a core, a core that knows so much more than any one of us looking at a child of three or four would believe.


Remember that child today, standing, looking, perceiving with eyes not divided, but seeing, united,  as one.  


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