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Good Morning!!

We shared a beautiful day yesterday.  Somehow everyone was thinking they were the one responsible for food so we shared an abundant array and I gave Jeff a game that is like Trivial Pursuit with the questions all about food, which we all enjoy, so we all had a rollicking good time.  People dropped in and we laughed and laughed and there was only the occasional comment about Palin and Wasilla.

I wake, determined to turn the house toward fall, change candles to russet and amber and put another comforter on the bed and clean out closets and drawers.  The fog is in and we are softly wrapped.

Then I decide to quickly touch the news button.   There is an article in the NY Times today on Sarah and how she hires her friends and lashes her foes.   Also, she invites her husband into the running of the government and shares emails in a way that is certainly suspect and possibly illegal.   You certainly don't want to be on her bad side.  This "lady" has no problem with the gut and kill.

Then, there is this from an editorial in the NY Times.   Equanimity, I keep saying to myself.  "Is that so?"

from the NY Times:

On Friday, less than a week after the government took control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the White House announced that there is no reason at this time to account for the companies in the federal budget.

That is great news for officials who prefer to hide the cost of the bailout since it is due, in large part, to their failure to adequately regulate the financial markets and steward the economy. But it is an insult to taxpayers, whose money is at risk, and it is a reckless gambit.

The Congressional Budget Office reported on Tuesday that the government’s finances are deteriorating rapidly: the budget deficit for this year is expected to reach $407 billion, more than double last year’s shortfall, and to exceed $500 billion in 2009. The takeover of Fannie and Freddie, necessary though it is, will add to the deterioration. Airbrushing that away will only open the door to uninformed — or negligent — decisions on spending and tax cuts.

The White House says that the extent of the government’s control of Fannie and Freddie does not warrant including the companies’ operations in the budget. That is absurd. The government has seized the companies, firing their executives and installing new ones, offering to invest up to $200 billion in the companies if necessary, and most significant, making an ironclad promise to pay their trillions of dollars in obligations, if need be.

And on it goes. 

Friedman, Rich, and Dowd await my browse.   Can I keep a Sunday float as I read of distortion and lies?

I proclaim we each continue a childlike teeter-tottery toddler walk toward balance and resolve.

Frederic Bourdin - "When you fight monsters, be careful that in the process you do not become one."

He also said, "Human maturity: this means rediscovering the seriousness we had toward play when we were children."

When I watch two and a half year old Zach play, he is serious.   I remember my own childhood play.  

May we greet the world with the gravity of innocence as we explore and test the boundaries of this world.


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