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In the last few days, I have been thinking about how most of us have learned that relationships take a bit of "work."  I was raised in the days where you got married and lived "happily ever after."   My husband and I had absolutely no tools when we married, no communication skills, no real ability to bring forth more deeply what we thought and felt so we could share it with the other.  

We have now learned how to understand ourselves a little better, and, in that, each other.  The process was not pleasant.  It was not fun.  It hurt.   It is hard to look at ourselves and our projections.  

What I see in this election is that we have taken our freedom for granted.  We assumed we would have it forever.  We would pass it on to our children and grandchildren.  We vote and stay informed.  We congratulate ourselves on that.  We are now faced with an election more ludicrous than the last one.   We thought Bush was a buffoon and we could not lose.   Here we are now with an even more ridiculous scenario.  

Many of us now know more about relationship with ourselves and others.   We have spent time and money in this exploration.  I am aware this is an "elitist" thing to say.   Those with "small town values" have no need of any of this, because they "know" right and wrong, and they are right and we are wrong.    Of course it also appears no one is quite clear what small town values mean, unless it is the narrow-minded and closed, shadowed place of which Deepak Chopra speaks.  

I think it is time to shine a huge light on this country and what it does and what that means.  

I spent two weeks in Hong Kong last October and visited Macau.  What I saw of their industry, enthusiasm, and infrastructure frightened me as to what is not happening here.  It is time to demand accountability of our politicians, and vision, unity, and forward-thought in our leaders.  It is time for Barack Obama and Joe Biden and we must work in a united, kind, and compassionate way for that.

We cannot become them, cannot sink into narrow-mindedness, arrogance and blindness.   We cannot allow rhetoric that says because we can see Russia, we know it.  

When "they" pray for rain on Barack's Denver speech of August, 28th, and instead the temperare is seventy-two degrees and the weather is clear, and the rain falls on the Republican convention, they suddenly become silent about the weather God, and we must mantra the words of Frederic Bourdin, "When you fight monsters, be careful that in the process you do not become one."

Let's mantra there!

The sun is shining.  The air is clear!!


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