Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Common Sense -

Yesterday different people sent me sources to check the facts on the election, and then, I was sent other emails that maybe those places were suspect and so on and on it goes.

One thing I know is this.   We are never going to find our "perfect" candidate, so we consider what is possible in the times in which we live.

The economic news of the day would suggest the times are dire.  The focus can now slip from issues like gays to how to inspire this country and the world through this financial readjustment.   We need a visionary speaker, one like FDR, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln.  We have that in Barack Obama.  This man has led.  He has a conscience.   He does not shoot wolves from airplanes.  He believes in science, in helping people, in inspiring people.  This is what we need.

Each one of the sites that gives the "facts" show that McCain and Palin have lied over and over again.  They don't just fudge, distract, or distort.  They out and out lie.   Remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction
that didn't exist.   We need to stay alert and use our common sense and choose the team that can lead the country, lead the country in unity, and, in that, the world. 


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