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Oprah -

I got an email today saying we should all watch and support Oprah because the Republicans are boycotting her show because they say she won't have Sarah Palin on.

Here is the "truth" according to Michael Calderone.  It does sound like we should support Oprah but Tom Brokaw gets a real negative on this one.  First, she has the right to choose who goes on her show.   Second, she made the decision nine months ago.  Good for her.

Now, let's support Oprah.   She is doing the right thing.  I have to think all this Republican hogwash is going to backfire.

from Michael Calderone's blog:

September 07, 2008

Brokaw pushes Oprah-Palin story

I know that the news media suffers from short-term memory loss at times, and also relishes pitting two strong, accomplished women against one another in some sort of tabloid-y catfight. But I was still surprised that simple facts didn't get in the way of Tom Brokaw hyping the Oprah-Palin battle royale narrative this morning on "Meet the Press."

As I wrote
yesterday — and in December 2007 — Oprah Winfrey publicly stated that by backing Barack Obama she wouldn't have any Republican or Democratic candidates on her couch for the rest of the election cycle

That includes Obama, Biden and McCain. And that would have included whoever McCain chose as his running mate. In this case it's Palin, but could have been Pawlenty, Ridge, Romney or Lieberman. Regardless, as long as Winfrey kept her late 2007 pledge, neither side would have been on her show through November. So while others write of Palin being "banned," it's just not accurate. Winfrey didn't decide to not book the Republican nominee for vice president this week, but did so more than nine months ago.

Nevertheless, Brokaw still raises the issue of "elitism" with Joe Biden — as if the senator should have any opinion on Winfrey's programming decisions — while neglecting to mention that Obama hasn't been on the show since Winfrey came out in support of him.

MR. BROKAW: I want to move on in a moment, but there's another headline that appeared in the New York Post. Oprah Winfrey decided not to have Sarah Palin on the show before the election. "No-Prah!" That's the New York Post headline. "TV first lady's Palin insult," as they called it. Oprah did come out for Barack Obama, did have him on the show. Do you think that some people will see that as an elitist position, that in some ways Democrats may be afraid of her, Sarah Palin?

Brokaw could have just as easily asked Biden why Oprah's decided not to have Biden on the show, either.

UPDATE: The NY Times jumps on the story with this headline: "Oprah Says No to Palin, and Gets an Earful." (Feel like a broken record here, but Winfrey said "No to Palin" -- and every other candidate for that matter -- nine months ago). The Times reports: "It is not clear whether Ms. Palin had even asked to go on Oprah’s famous couch, but it is clear that Ms. Winfrey doesn’t want her."

What is also clear is that Winfrey, since publicly giving support to one candidate, similarly doesn't want Obama, Biden, or McCain on the show. But apparently, that's not as juicy a story.


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