Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

I had time with my young friend Zach today.  We went to the playground and played in the grass and shared a generally wonderful time.  Another little two and a half year old came over to play and Zach shared his planes.  I thought if only the world could be like this, a playground with children playing and adults watching and enjoying.  

I continue with Joe Biden's autobiography and highly recommend it.   Revisiting history is fascinating for me and truly seeing the kind of man Biden is, exhilarating.   Barack Obama and Joe Biden are so far above McPain, it is astonishing and what I see is how strong the neocons are and how McCain has been part of that.  McCain is worst than I realized and he continues downhill.

So, it seems Palin's email has been hacked.   They got in using exactly what we all know not to use for passwords.  It seems it never occurred to Palin that her email might not be secure.  Each day a little more laughable or cryable depending how you look at it. 

Today I was driving with the radio on, and a man's voice was talking about A.I.G.   Zach asked if I would turn it off.  I said, yes, it is depressing, and he said what's depressing and I explained and he got it

I am exhausted tonight.  All this financial news is depressing.  I did hear one silver lining while driving today.   A man was talking about how huge the U.S. debt is, just this year has been another horrible increase in debt, and then, he said but at least our stock market is open.  Russia closed down for two days, and then, he said well, the good news is we can't afford a war, and neither can they.   Who would have guessed that this enormous debt could lead to peace.

May we all rest in silver linings and sleep well tonight. 


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