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Shopping Troopergate -

Todd Palin refuses to testify in Troopergate, at least not until after the election, naturally.

One of the comments was, "Does executive privilege apply to candidates now?"

Imagine if it were reversed and we were looking at an abuse of power by Obama or Biden.

It is hard not to feel angry, and I do feel confident we will win this election and then the hard work begins to turn this mess around.   At least we will have someone who speaks to inspire.

Joan posted Sarah talking today about the Palin-McCain candidacy.  Oops.   She was talking about small businesses.

I couldn't help thinking of how she brought Wal-Mart to Wasilla and wondered how that helped small local businesses.  

I google the grand opening and read about the exciting event in the Anchorage Daily News.  Don't you wish you were there?

Wal-Mart opens in Wasilla as state's largest store


(Published: October 31, 2007)

The Wal-Mart supercenter in Wasilla is now open, officially the largest in the state and most likely the only Wal-Mart of the 22 holding grand openings this month to snare a governor at the festivities.

Wasilla’s own Gov. Sarah Palin cut the red duct-tape ribbon early this morning with a really big pair of scissors and a slug of local pride.

Palin heaped praise on the store’s hard-working employees, the company’s community spirit and the hometown atmosphere that keeps the parking lot full just about any time of day.

“There’s something about Wal-Mart in the Valley that is always an event,” Palin said.

More than 200 store employees, local movers and shakers and a scattering of corporate brass from Wal-Mart offices in Seattle and Arkansas came out to rub elbows with the governor.

They heard the Wasilla High School choir sing the national anthem.

They bowed their heads for an invocation from Valley Church of Christ elder Robert Keunning: “Pray for this store and all who enter here.”

It reminds me of when Bush told us to shop after 9-11.   Since when did shopping become patriotic and a store a place or reason for prayer?


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