Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Financial leadership -

It now appears that all the issues of the campaign may fall away and everything boil down to who can lead us out of the worst financial crisis since the depression.

I place my bet on Obama-Biden.   McCain has been part of the creation of this, justified it from his seven or more homes.

Palin has her nose in the business of CA.   She asked our governor Schwarzenegger to veto legislation that would impose a fee on shipping containers processed at California's major ports, a fee that will fund pollution mitigation.
   She threatens that if the fee is imposed, Alaska may not do business with CA ports.  Oh, I thought we were a country, not countries.  I think CA contributes a heck of a lot to the good ole US of A, and if anyone would benefit from secession it is probably us, not Alaska.  People need fresh fruits, vegetables, almonds, music, computers and movies.   So, the California Air Resources Board estimates that "3, 740 deaths a year are directly attributed to diesel pollution emanating from the ports."   According to the SF Chronicle, revenue from the user fee will be used to "improve the infrastructure that moves containers to and from the ports reducing the polution generated by the movement of containers to and from the ports."

So, 3,740 deaths a year can be prevented by levying a fee on containers that come in and out of CA.   Oh, heck, let's use that money to have a war instead.


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