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Good Morning!!

Where I live, geologic change means that many former Miwok villages are under the bay.  When I walk, I like to imagine myself as a Coastal Miwok, note the foods I would eat, and imagine what it would have been like to watch the sun rise and set, with no buildings or bridges in the way.  I feast, in my mind, on acorn mush, oysters, clams, and quail.

Today I read in the SF Chronicle, that "Archaeologists are using cutting-edge technology - including ground radar and laser scanning - to uncover vanished walls and dwellings of the original Spanish Presidio of San Francisco, one of the two oldest European settlements in the Bay Area."

"The other is Mission Dolores, several miles away. Both were founded by Spanish missionaries and colonists in 1776, just weeks before the United States declared independence.

The present mission church was built in 1791, but the Presidio's original buildings have crumbled away, and the extent of the fort's original walls and outbuildings is a mystery."

There are signs of the old forts on this side of the bay and military placements now removed, but I don't often think of them.  I prefer to go back further in time when I dream.  I consider that as I  read today about how one might cope with the financial crisis,  depending on their age.

If we believe in capitalism, we need to trust that the market will right itself.   Investing in stocks is a necessity for those who are young.  Index funds are the way to go, something my son has been saying to me.  

"Andrew Orr, a financial planner in Orlando, Fla., says clients with money in index funds are investing in 17,000 companies that seek to generate earnings and pay dividends. That, he says, is a sustained bet on capitalism itself. “Capitalism is not always pretty. But it’s evolved and gotten better, and there are clearly going to be more protections to come.”"

It is suggested that those who are retired could give less to the grandchildren and eat out less often.  This is from the NY Times financial page, where I suppose eating out less often is an option.  No one is talking about eating cat food, yet.

I think many of us were raised on stories of the depression and the lack of "stuff" after the war.  My parents were lucky to get an apartment and I was conceived on a Murphy bed.  During the depression, people played Monopoly, popped popcorn and ate homemade fudge.  I think there will be an adjustment for all but the extremely wealthy once again, and I think people are malleable.  The coastal Miwok moved their homes as the ice caps melted and froze.  Life continues because we adapt.  We are made to evolve, made for change and connection and working for the whole is the gift that maybe we can now again remember.   We share one boat.

I read a book the other night that suggested that societies that survive look at the good of the whole which is why the elders often walked away from the tribe when it was their time to die.  We are spending vast amounts of money in this country on the last six months of life.  It may be time to look at the end of life expenditure and allow people to exit with dignity, to create places where we can walk into the woods or to the top of a mountain and lie down when it is our time.  Technology has been dominant.  Let's go back to the natural rhythms inside and utilize them outside to now create a world that benefits us all.

This is a wake-up call.  May we use it wisely and well.


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