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cruelty -

From what I have read, animals do not kill for sport. They kill to defend or eat. Rattlesnakes will use their venom only in need because they are at risk as the venom rebuilds, and rattlesnakes live at the level of reptile brain, survival. They don't have our marvelous neocortex. I don't know what causes one to be twisted enough to consider killing a sport. There is hunting, hunting for food and that is a different thing than what Sarah Palin supports. Anyone who knows anything about wolves knows they are monogamous, family oriented and they help keep the caribou and moose tribes strong by culling the weak. They are a key part of an ecosystem, just as the polar bears are our current parakeets in the mine, their loss a warning that something is wrong.

This will turn your stomach and I think it is important to watch. There are many reasons to be against Palin-McCain, but this really does say it all.


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