Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

small town values -

Today I suddenly wondered where the homes that the McCain's own are located. I wondered if any of them are in small towns.

This is the first website that popped up. It seems they own more than we realize, which is really no surprise.


I also found myself thinking about Cindy McCain and Todd Palin, two innocent victims in all this. Cindy McCain in the New Yorker article this last week did not sound like she wants to live in Washington D.C. She prefers Arizona. She is comfortable there. She used to have her hair short and stylish to fit her age, until it must have been decided we would think McCain was young and virile, if they turned her into a Barbie doll, or as some say, a Stepford wife. Now her hair is long and blonde, not short and gray. And what of Todd, home with the kids. Does he want to live in the White House and host state dinners? He likes to be outdoors burning up fossil fuels
. I'm thinking he may have wished Sarah knew how to blink.

I wonder what it is to have such an ego that the world revolves totally around you and your ego and desires. I certainly don't see that is the way to heaven. The meek shall inherit the earth and something about a rich man and a needle. What I do see though is that most of us consider ourselves part of a small town, part of a community, and we work within it for peace, harmony, and compromise. We don't decide we are the whole town, country, world, and think lies will be ignored on the Judgment Day.


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