Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Palin -

Palin will not answer the question or admit what she did. I watched the September 12, Bill Maher tonight. Her ignorance, as we know, is sobering. The conservative on the show, John Fund, a columnist for the WSJ tried to defend her saying she didn't need to know trivia, trivia such as what is the Bush Doctrine. Maher pointed out this is not American Idol. It seems the Republicans have nothing to run on, and yet if it is true, as Maher says, that 61% of Americans believe literally in the Ark, I think it is time for the rest of us to start building a boat. 42 meth labs were uncovered in Wasila last year. McCain has nine homes in three time zones, and the Republicans are the ones who have been in power, and yet they have a chance because people like Palin stand up in church and say to vote for her. What happened to separation of church and state? It is sobering.


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