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Humility -

We each have our own definition of and feeling about God so when I post from Thomas Merton,  I know you are finding your own  sense of movement within your heart around what God means or represents to you.

I post these words because I personally understand from a health viewpoint what not dealing well with the political situation means.   I allowed the stealing of the election to plop Bush in place to "get to me," and I dealt with nine months of medical treatment as a result.   Now, my challenge is to think loving thoughts about McPain and the threat they represent.   I started therapy a month ago to help me better expand around the idea of "right" and "wrong," to be more accepting and less judgmental.   This is not easy for me to do, and is my current challenge in life.   I am trying to bring my own weaknesses to light and gently cradle them as I hopefully see them go.  I offer my weaknesses flight, the bird hatched and released from the nest.

Thomas Merton:

Do you want to know God? Then learn to understand the weaknesses and imperfections of [others]. But how can you understand the weaknesses of others unless you understand your own? And how can you see the meaning of your own limitations until you have received mercy from God, by which you know yourself and Him? It is not sufficient to forgive others: we must forgive them with humility and compassion. If we forgive them without humility, our forgiveness is a mockery: it presupposes that we are better than they.

Thomas Merton. No Man Is An Island. New York: Doubleday and Company, 1955: 163.


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