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Evening -

I watched the debate and listened to the commentary on KQED.    It sounds like all agree that McCain was the strongest he's been, and Obama did what he needed to do, and looked and spoke in a presidential and experienced manner, and had the edge, especially if you want a change.   Obama showed he can do it.  He has the experience.  He has a plan.   He and McCain differ, and there is a clear choice between the two.

I thought they each stayed on-message, and agree there are no stand-out phrases to banter about, but that seems like a plus to me.  I don't think the presidency should be chosen on a sound-bite.  I was a bit startled by Obama's closing, that children around the world may not look up to us as they once did, that the young may not come here as his father did, and I think, unfortunately, it is the truth.  I think Obama is the honesty we need as to our current stature in the world.   We've been sugar-coated and given pablum long enough.  The economy says it all.   Obama offers leadership, a global look at the world, vision, and change.

I thought Barack's comment on McCain and his narrow lens on Iraq was right on.  McCain did a great deal of repeating.  Obama kept giving us his points and there are many.  I like how Obama says 1, 2, 3, 4.   McCain just kind of muddles on and often went over his time and kept going and spoke when it wasn't his turn.  I didn't think that served him well.  It made him look desperate, and I want a president who can listen and cooperate.  I think McCain's use of the word "maverick" is sounding lame, and brings to mind Palin which is not a positive.  McCain did not mention his vice-presidential pick at all, whereas Barack pointedly did, emphasizing the foreign and domestic policy experience of Biden.  It was a lovely arrow.

The more I think on it, the more I see the power and strength of Obama and his responses.  I think he did just what he needed to do.  

I don't think McCain's insistence on winning Iraq serves him well right now when people are well aware we don't have the money for this war.   Also, his tax ideas clearly make no sense and won't work.  We've heard it before and today is proof it doesn't work.

I give a firm nod to Barack on the debate and hope the country agrees.  I know that many of the already decided probably were not swayed, and I hope the undecideds are thinking Barack can get us back on track.  He certainly showed that national security begins at home with educating our children, and that we reach out into the world with a willingness to recognize, talk and negotiate and we will stand firm where needed, though again I thought he made it clear that our financial vulnerability right now and huge debt put us greatly at risk as to being believed when we posture.  He is asking us to look at the truth of the situation, and this last week may force the American people to do just that.   I think people are aware the situation is dire.  Willie Brown said a friend of his took $1500.00 out of Washington Mutual yesterday and put it in B of A.  She was told it will be honored, but when she tried to take $100.00 out today, B of A said they still didn't have the money, and the money will probably be available October 2nd.   This does not inspire confidence, and confidence is what we need right now, which is why I believe the bailout needs to pass, a bailout with restrictions, control, and something for the "little guy."

Kudos to Barack, the next president of the United States.


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