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Another look at Palin -

Lloyd sent me the following this morning.  When I questioned him on it, he said,  "My Alaskan brother-in-law keeps warning me, she's not dumb or naive, She has used that strategy repeatedly, only to turn around and destroy those who believe she shouldn't be taken seriously."   What I see in this is that the Democrats want what is best for the country.  It seems for this group of Republicans it is a cruel game. 

from Lloyd Parker:

After watching portions of Ms. Palin's interview with Katie Couric, I believe the Republicans are attempting to pull off the biggest ruse in American political history. This belief is due, in part , to the smirky tone of John McCain voice, when he mentioned Ms. Palin in last night's debate.

Palin has appeared to be such a complete idiot in recent interviews, even telling Couric she would "get back to her" with an answer to one of her questions about McCain's history of opposition to regulation. Palin's "stupidity" seems way overdone. Her record in Alaska demonstrates a sharp and biting cunning, not the naivete and apparent inexperience she's shown in recent interview.

Fortunately, for Obama, Biden, and the Democrats, she is also a pretty bad actress. The stumbling bumbling candidate we've seen in recent television appearances is not the sharp, competent, and very prepared, if sometimes viscous and vindictive, administrator she has repeatedly shown herself to be in Alaska.

I strongly advise Mr. Biden not be taken in by the act. The Republicans are hoping, when she takes off the gloves at the debate, Biden will be ill prepared to deal with the intense briefings she's been given, and Ms Palin's own considerable intelligence. We ignore her record with great peril. She is not only smart and aggressive. She also has a great memory for detail and can spin like a spider. The dumb brunette we've been seeing is just a subterfuge they're hoping we've bought. I'm trusting we've looked at her track history and will not be deceived.

In the past month or so we've seen a McCain campaign which has attempted to keep the Obama campaign off-balance. The "patriotic" suspension of the convention due to the hurricane, Palin's nomination, the suspension of the campaign, again for "patriotic" reasons, "to lead the country in a bipartisan manner", are all examples of what they are trying to do. The selling of an easily flustered and not very bright Palin is a similar ploy. Wouldn't they love to put one over on the "liberal" press, one of their special targets? We must not be taken in by the ruse. Palin can be truly nasty and is often deceptive, but she's certainly not dumb. Study her history.


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