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Andre Dubus -

Andre Dubus is an author I love.  I just finished reading his book Meditations from a Movable Chair.

I highly recommend this book of essays.   He is a man who loved his body, to breathe, run, sing while running, and be athletic, and then, in rescuing two people from a car wreck, he was hit by a car and lost the use of his legs and writes this book from a wheelchair.  He writes about grace and sacraments, about each breath as sacrament, and reading it puts everything into place.

While finishing the book, I was sitting out on the front porch, on the new, young wood, looking at the flowers.   Tiger and Bella sat with me, and a squirrel ran up and down a tree.  The light is soft and the movement of the fog offers a chirp to the breeze.

Dubus writes that: "A Zen archer does not try to hit the target. With intense concentration, he draws the bow and waits; the target releases the arrow, and draws it to itself."

I think in this election or any election no candidate can meet the needs of each one of us.  We are too different from each other.  Each of us, finely tweaked, has slightly different priorities, and the reason I support Obama is that he is pro-choice and speaks for and recognizes the globalization of the world and, the need for, and complexity of easing a war-like world toward peace. 

Dubus writes: 

"Not remembering that we are always receiving sacraments is an isolation the leaves do not have to endure: they receive and give, and they are green.  Not remembering this is an isolation only the human soul has to endure. But the isolation of a human soul may be the cause of not remembering this. Between isolation and harmony, there is not always a vast difference. Sometimes it is a distance that can be traversed in a moment, by choosing to focus on the essence of what is occurring, rather than on its exterior: its difficulty or beauty, its demands or joy, peace or grief, passion or humor.  This is not a matter of courage or discipline or will; it is a receptive condition."

Dubus died in 1999 at the age of 62.  


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