Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I sit with the news this morning or rather flit with it, one tree to another, trying to get some understanding.   Steve and I watched a documentary last night on the torture this country has engaged in under the Bush administration.   Cheney and Rumsfield clearly approved, enjoyed, and reveled in it.  Why did we think torture would stop there and not come back to us?   Why did we allow it?   Why did we allow a decrease in taxes on the rich while a war went on?  Why do we allow continued talk of war when there is no money to pay for it?  There is a great deal of discussion right now as to who is to blame.  In my opinion, the American people are to blame for believing fear-mongers and allowing the country to be controlled and not controlled in ways that made and make no sense.

We are also to blame for accepting a nomination for vice-president of a woman who can't even understand the questions to answer them.  We need to pay attention, demand accountability and access to the people who say they want to lead.   We have been distracted, and I'm not speaking for everyone, but I do see how when things are pretty good it may be hard to mobilize to say enough.   I think of Cindy Sheehan and Dennis Kucinich.  People have tried to speak and yet here we are.  A week ago, McCain said the economy was strong.  Obama was saying in the spring it was not, but, people will support the one who lies to them, and I'm not sure why.   I wish I had been more vocal, paid more attention to the seriousness of what was going on.  Certainly I wish I had been wiser with our retirement fund and now here we are.  How do we mobilize to aid the people of this country and keep it from collapse.  It would seem the first step is to bring our troops home and start from there.  The batlle is here, not overseas.

It seems it is time for humility.  I have never heard the word transparency used so much as in the last few months.  

Transparent -  Trans is a Latin noun or prefix meaning "across", "beyond", or on the opposite side of.

It seems some governmental parenting in the last few months and years would have been helpful.   If we look at the bandied about word of the moment, transparency, it might seem we have been on the opposite side of parenting.  Is that what led to this disaster?    If we elevate a woman to the vice-presidential position who goes back to work three days after having a Down's Syndrome child and flies on an airplane while in labor, and we allow her to campaign as a paragon of parenthood, maybe our idea of the demands, challenges, and responsibilities of parenthood needs to change.


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