Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

It's time for a press conference -

Since Sarah Palin whines that Katie Couric was too hard on her, I think it is time for a press conference.  Let's show her what the job entails, and that is two-way communication, and the press should take off the kid gloves.  It seems Ms. Palin has gotten a bit too big for her britches.  Of course, she only wears skirts, so we can admire her legs, and be distracted enough to give her a break, but that time is over.  Let her answer the questions that are asked, and let her realize there actually are "real people"  listening with a logical mind to what she does or does not say.

To say that Katie Couric is at fault for asking her how she gets her news, when in truth, she doesn't, is absolutely unbelievable gall.   She does not even have the grace to be embarrassed.  Everything is someone else's fault.   All we need is a victim for president and one who will more than use and abuse her power.  

A press conference should be given by Ms. Palin now.   Let her find out how it works for others, and let's hope the media actually quizzes her as a candidate in her position deserves to be quizzed.    The games and winks are over.  We want to know how she thinks.   Yes, we are willing to go there, to try and enter the arrogant altar of her mind.


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