Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

We had the greatest treat in the night, rain and wind.   I know that some of you are tired of rain, but I believe our last rain was in April and it was so stimulating to hear and feel the rain, that last night  I kept going outside and lifting my face to the sky, and then, I lay in bed and savored.  I woke early, and saw that maybe it had passed through, so headed down on joyful feet to the junction for coffee.   It was early and I sat outside with my coffee and watched the sun come up or more accurately the earth turn, and it turns fast when one pauses to notice.

Our resident homeless man was there having his coffee and doing push-ups against the bars.   People who appeared grumbled about having to be up so early.  I was in delight.  I walked home the long way and could tell the homes where children live as signs are prominently displayed proclaiming, "Yes on A.  Great teachers.  Great schools."  I remembered when we worked to pass measure C many, many years ago.  We gave an exemption on the tax to those over 65.  I never thought at the time that I might one day qualify.  

There is one house along the way with signs for McPain.  It is the only one where I have never in thirty years seen a sign of life.  The grass is dead and cars piled in front.  It is like the whole place is an island of the brain-dead.   I pass creative bumper stickers for Obama-Biden and an array of colorful birds.   Everything else seems asleep. 

I'm home now, home for awhile, looking out, wondering if the storm has passed.  Sometimes I feel like I live in Camelot.  Storms come in the night and blow away the leaves, and then, the sun comes out.  I was actually looking forward to a rainy day.  I made chicken soup last night and am happily tucked.

Tomorrow we'll celebrate Chris's 31st birthday at the Park Chalet in the city followed by kite flying on Ocean Beach.   It is a beautiful weekend in my section of the world.  I hope the same is true for you.  I keep coming back to the Buddhist philosophy, "Is that so?"  I think it is the only way to survive.    Sarah Palin - Is that so?    And may she blow away like the leaves in the night.


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