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Reading -

The sun is shining, but  I had already decided to view this as a reading day, so settled comfortably into a chair with a book I've been saving for a now imaginary rainy day.  It is The Ministry of Special Cases by Nathan Englander.   I am taking a wee break from the book so I don't throw up.  I highly recommend it.  It is beautifully written and the subject matter is tough, which means we should all read it.

It takes place in Buenos Aires.  It is about disappearing people, falling currency, bureaucracy, lies, silence, torture and fear.   Sound familiar?

We have allowed the government increasing powers.  We have believed falsified and creative accounting.   It is too much to take in and yet a book like this, read now, can do a great deal to wake us up a little more than the last few weeks may have done.   Also, there is so much information in the book and it is so well-done, that it is riveting.  I really can't put it down, though I did think a small break was in order to refresh and give thanks for trees now cleansed by rain and shining in sun.

I return now to Nathan Englander, grateful for his writing and research.  


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