Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning

I look out and the light is definitely fall, and I wonder how it is so obvious.  Perhaps we sense the slant sliding south.

It seems the country is waking up and Obama is on the rise.   I feel happy this morning, content.  Of course, getting to see Chris today and go to a party is part of that.  Perhaps it is the adaptability of we humans, our ability to digest, accept, evolve.

I read something interesting in Cook's magazine yesterday about olive oil.   It is not just the candidates we are debating, but which is better, Italian or Spanish olive oil.   Well, it seems it comes down to marketing.   Surprise!!

It seems that "Italian oils came by their signature flavor profile out of necessity - and producers then made it a virtue."

"Tuscany has frost problems, or potential frost problems, so the law requires that they harvest their olives early - by a certain date - and that means they have a green olive oil that is bitter and pungent," said Vossen.  "So the Italians just convinced the world that's how extra-virgin olive oil is supposed to taste.  It's marketing.  Once you realize that and put it in context and take it with a grain of salt ... yes, they make absolutely fabulous extra-virgin olive oils in Italy, but it's really just one style."

And here I thought it was me.  :)   

In 1972, Steve and I thought Lancer's was a special wine.  That was our treat when we wanted to rise about Gallo Hearty Burgundy.  We lived in San Diego and came north to the bay area and, of course, headed to a winery for a taste.  We were chosen to do a special taste test of more expensive wines.  We laugh now, because our taste buds were not impressed with all the delightful stimulations of chocolate, pepper, butterscotch, apricot, juniper,  whatever and so we didn't rate the great wines very well.  

Now, we are better trained and I'm sure would do much better in discerning what we're taught is "best."

Happy Day!!


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