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Joan at jblindsight

I'm moving Joan's comment on the last post into the main body of the journal because I think sometimes comments are missed and what she says is important, and, as always, she says it well. We somehow allowed ourselves to accept Bush. We cannot, must not do the same with Palin.

Joan at http://jblindsight.livejournal.com/

Joan's words:

I just posted this on Orb's journal, as had copied out a sentence of Palin's that made no sense.

"Have you ever been around someone who appears "normal" but after being around them you realize they are stone crazy? That's my take on Gov. Palin. She's crazy.

- Normal people don't get exorcised by witch doctors.
- They don't shoot wolves out of helicopters for fun.
- They don't get on an airplane when they are in labor.
- They don't embarrass their 15 year old daughter in front of the nation.

I'm sure there is more. What I'm saying is that you can't gauge her by rational standards because she is living in her own fantasy world. Seems to me we're having a glimpse into a dissociated personality."

So while I think there is validity in this article in that we are examining our individual decisions, if you look at Palin's actions and decisions over the years, they're not (how can I say this?) fully vested in reality? Not that we all haven't done whacky things. But we know they're whacky. She thinks that's normal behavior, even believing she is a role model.

Just my opinion, but I've seen this sort of thing in other women. Where the author errs in this piece is her classic liberal stance, "her way was not mine." BS. Forget being PC. Palin's way is the way of the crackpot. Why are people so afraid to say this? If it had been said about Bush, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess.

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