Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

I read that Palin has been in CA today spouting lies and people cheer.  They cheer, "Drill, baby, drill."  I find it unfathomable.

I came home and spotted Frank Rich's book, The Greatest Story Ever Sold, on my book shelf.  I had forgotten to read it, so I started in, and it is so disgusting to read these words written in 2006 and to see what has been done and what continues now with McCain-Palin.  They lie, distort, and win.  They create their own reality and they admit it, exult in it.   It is one sentence of revolting facts after another and we know it all.  We've watched it all, and yet, somehow they get away with it and here we are.

They make fun of us in our "reality-based community," as they stomp all over it and win, and the people of this country, many of them, and let's hope not the majority, eat it up.  Everything is staged.   Bush reads a book to children as they cut programs for children.  He stands in front of a senior home as they cut funding for seniors and no one looks at the statistics and facts, and reading this, I think maybe Palin is right that not enough people in this country care about those things anyway.

A nation cannot survive without an educated populace.   My daughter-in-law spends a great deal of time in Missouri for her job.  They chant, Sarah.  They love her.   I had not realized Crawford, Texas was created as a front for Bush to make a comparison with Reagan.  Palin likes to quote Reagan.  That is when this disaster began, and the problems in CA began when Reagan was elected governor of this state.  I remember well the school system we had when he came in and what he did to dismantle it.  It is hard not to feel disheartened.   Again, today, we discussed where we might go if McPain wins.  I can't really imagine living in a country where people can be so manipulated and so enthusiastically cheer their own demise, and yet, here I am.


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