Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

The moon is a treasure in the sky tonight.

Zach and I had a great time today. Unfortunately he is at the stage where he thinks anything of his is great, which includes snot, so he kept giving me the snot from his nose as a special treat. It is like when your cat brings you a rat. It is lovely to share, and .... I love him, so what the heck. It is a treat, though I did wash my hands carefully before eating. :)

We went to see the movie Learning Gravity tonight which is at the MVFF. It was wonderful!! It is about the poet Thomas Lynch, who is also an undertaker and inspired the HBO series Six Feet Under. The movie went back and forth between his home here and another in Ireland that he inherited. The backdrop to the incredible scenery and his life was his poetry. Oh, my!! We were riveted. We went out to dinner beforehand and the restaurant was empty. Normally MV is booming in the ten days of the film festival. It is not a positive sign for the economy that it was so quiet. Understatement, obviously.

Naturally we had to stop in at the Book Depot where Norman Fischer's new book, Sailing Home, Using the Wisdom of Homer's Odyssey to Navigate Life's Perils and Pitfalls, hopped, or maybe sailed right into my hands.

Also, the news I heard on Obama while driving was positive. McPain has to campaign together while Barack and Joe are not co-dependent and so can be in two different places, and they are targeting the tough spots and being well-received. Someone also commented on how blacks and whites are working together to canvas, and how one white woman wasn't sure about the black man who was her canvassing partner, and now after working together for two weeks, she trusts him as much as she has ever trusted anyone. The point of the show is that racial healing is happening, each day, as people work together on the campaign.

I am happy to have had a break from it all today, and I know all the worries and loss are still there.

Happy sleeping under this beautiful, bright moon!! I am poetically coccooned tonight.



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