Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Planetariums -

I love planetariums. When there is one to visit, I am there.

This article is key to read on how the Chicago planetarium was not funded and yet should be.


I have to believe that the McPain lies are coming home to roost. No one can vote for these two at this point. They can't even agree, and their ignorance and meanness is beyond belief. They are certainly stretching our imaginations as to horror. Of course, I thought Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo already did that.

I remember reading somewhere that in some belief system, most likely "primitive," of course, we each have our own star in the sky when we die. I wonder now if we have to earn it. I can't imagine that those who do not reverence the importance of planetariums in our society, are going to have much of a place to brighten in the heavens with their death.

Maybe that is what is meant by the lights going out. It is up to each of us to wish for Tinkerbell, to believe in the power of love, care, and education for the innocent children we create. I love to look into Zach's eyes. He has the most amazing eyes. They are so intricate and blue and he sees and perceives so amazingly well. Yesterday, he was crossing a very difficult bridge. It is like a series of lily pads and the child has to take a huge step into space between each one. Some of the pads hang and bounce and some are stable, and he spent a great deal of time studying and feeling the difference.

We each need to note, with the intensity of a stimulated and well-loved child, what matters. Museums and planetariums are key, are what allow our children to dream and stretch.

I believe I said when I went to the Legion of Honor a few weeks ago and looked at the memorials and the building, I wondered if Palin had ever been in one, if she has any concept of the importance of art and honoring in a society. Now, we learn that the McPain team doesn't even value a planetarium. Perhaps they think the stars at night are just painted on a dome, that on the day of the Rapture, God will raise the lid of the dome. If that is so, something tells me they are not going to be the ones in the final lift.

God has standards too.


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